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Le navigateur LYNX (suite)

English abstract : the Lynx text browser

These pages first designed for Microsoft Windows users.

List of topics :
What is Lynx [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_what.htm]
Lynx is a World Wide Web browser, just like Internet Explorer and Netscape. But Lynx is a console program. That means it is a text-mode program that runs in a DOS box.
Why a text-mode browser ? [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_why.htm]

Lynx is a light program, and very fast, for it doesn't load image files (but you can retrieve them if you want). It is perfect to access pure documentation sites. Properly configured, it will display pictures or any type of file in your prefered reader program.

Lynx is a good way to test web sites : a Lynx-readable html page can be viewed round-the-world, and Robots (such as Google) feel better at ease with it ! Testing your web pages with Lynx is a must if you want people with disabilities to access them.

With Lynx, you can easily implement automated tasks with web-access (periodically retrieve some stock-exchange rate or rss feed… there is no limit).

Resources about Lynx and text browsers [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_resources.htm]
Official pages and documentation, and links related to Lynx's usage, text browsers, or general Web design specification.
Retrieving Lynx software [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_recup.htm]
How to get Lynx software
Compilation [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_compil.htm]
Some directives to Build Lynx program from source code
Installation [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_instal.htm]
Details on implementing Windows
Lynx.cfg configuration file [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_config.htm]
Some important parameters to update.
Environment values and starting Lynx with Windows [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_start.htm]
Values and batch file to start properly Lynx.
Basic Lynx commands [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_com.htm]
Usual commands (go to an URL, use bookmark, search string, view source…)
Keyboard navigation [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_nav.htm]
Simple map for fast navigation
Options menu [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_options.htm]
Menu to change some important Lynx configuration data
Parameters and command line [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_cmd.htm]
Howto for launching Lynx through a command line, or by a script or another program, and retrieve the result for various usages. Samples : runing Lynx with userid/password for access or proxy, getting silently cookies, downloading source instead formated data, outputing data into a disk file or stdout as input for another program, dump list of enumerated links, input from stdin of a preformated rss file, hiding password in a file, data transmission to a form through stdin, automatic traversal and crawling through a web site, viewing http server header or even complete tracelog…
Advanced Lynx configuration [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_expert.htm]
Show wap page, print or download page, view image, display even all other type of files (for instance text in Notepad, PDF with Acrobat, and Zip, Excel, Word… each in a choosen reader program)
FTP and other protocols [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_protocol.htm]
Sample of automatic download from ftp site, Telnet session, NNTP.
With/around Lynx [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_more.htm]
Existing lynx applications : command line, special or embedded operating systems, interfacing Lynx with readers for blind people, including Lynx within top-level developpements.
Conclusion [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynx_end.htm]
Annexe A : [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynxmanfr.html]
french Lynx manpage
Annexe B : [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynxbuild.htm]
Installation Configuration
Annexe C : [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynxlss.htm]
LSS colour files samples
Annexe D : [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynxlink.htm]
Lynx and HEAD > LINK-REL/REV tag (samples)
Annexe E : [http://www.dg77.net/tekno/lynx/lynxrss.htm]
How to read an RSS feed or "Blog" with the Lynx browser
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